Bon Yinzers

How to beat Yelp?

This is for our final project in our Data Science course which we have to encompass the whole data pipeline. We decided to chose the Yelp Dataset Challenge. We were attracted to this set due to recent publicity about the city of Pittsburgh which is considered one of the top food cities now. Our task in this project is to explore and gain some insightful understandings of the data. For this purpose, we are taking on the challenge of what it takes to beat Yelp.

It is targeted towards restaurant owners in Pittsburgh. It shows users through clear data visualizations how Yelp does their rankings and uses machine learning to figure out which factors/features (parking, take-out, noise-level, etc.) of a restaurant matter the most. Users can also find suggestions regarding which features to have in order to increase their overall ranking. Also there is a form where users can get a predicted ranking value using our machine learning algorithm.

Capital One Challenge

Sentiment Analysis of Instagram

This project was built for the Capital One Winter Summit 2016 and its purpose is to analyze Capital One's social media presence on Instagram. It queries the top 20 most recent Instagram posts with #CapitalOne and using sentiment analysis, it determine whether or not each post is saying something positive, negative, or neutral about Capital One. The web app also using HighCharts and D3 to visualize how positively or negatively CapitalOne has been trending on Instagram and the user can load more and more data to get an even bigger picture.


University of Maryland Bitcamp Hack - UI/UX (Goldman Sachs) and Capital One Awards

Web application for sending and receiving money with geolocation and time restrictions. We originally thought it could be used for parents and their kids (hence the name Allowance), but we realized numerous other potential use cases like between companies and employees for reimbursements. We used the Capital One API and Parse as our backend for handling all the money transfers as well as other API's and libraries like Google Maps, D3, Highcharts, etc. for geolocation and visualization.

Login User: bob
Password: 123

Katamari With Friends

Tartan Hacks 2016 - WebGL and Three.js

Katamari With Friends is a web based game that we created for TartanHacks 2016. You have to log in using Facebook and you can play Katamari by rolling around and picking up your friends! This is built using Three.js and WebGL as well as Facebook's API. It was great experimenting with new web technologies that I have not worked with before and getting away from the traditional web development.

Visual Programming Language

Beginner Programming Language Interpreter

This Python application was targeted towards beginners in programming to help them understand key concepts without worrying much about syntax. I've built this UI for users to drag and drop different programming elements like print, if statements, loop, etc. and create functions/programs. Users can then convert the visual code into Python to see how their code would look and then actually run the code as well! This was built for CMU's 15-122 Term Project.


CMU Cafeteria Wait Time Optimizer

Crowdsourcing web-app built in 24 hours at hackathon, HackCMU, that enables users to see current wait times at Carnegie Mellon University eateries, in real-time. Built using HTML, Javascript, CSS (Bootstrap), PHP, MYSQL. There is also another aspect of the project using Xbox Kinect to see how long lines are at different cafeterias in real time.


HackCMU's Official Website

I was consulted to create the website for the HackCMU Hackathon, Fall 2015. This was created using Bootstrap (with a lot of custom CSS) and different JavaScript libraries.

Music Startup in Project Olympus

Co-founded a startup in the Project Olympus incubator space that promotes lesser known song artists and their work. Developed the frontend website and backend database for main product that has over 1500 users. The web app served as a place for users to sign up and artists to upload their music. Users are then able to get an exclusive list of new songs from SongDrop artists and are able to vote on them. Weekly newsletters are sent out to provide users with the top upcoming new hits!


iOS app for Educational Savings

Carrot is an iOS app with Parse backend to automatically save your spare change and invest it in things you love the most. Developed at the 2016 Capital One Summit for Software Engineers Hackathon.

Connect to your credit card account of your choice, and we’ll do the analysis for you. Visualize your money in terms of the products you purchase most often, and set goals for yourself to save money towards the big wins in life - like buying a car or paying for a wedding. This helps educate users about saving money and gamifying it!

We round up every transaction you make and invest the spare change into your own Carrot savings account. All of your information is stored with your Capital One account, and you have the flexibility to save and withdraw more money at any time. For example, if your favorite product is a carrot that usually costs $2.50, we will visualize your savings in terms of carrots, so like $10 of savings would be 4 Carrots!!!


Garage Sale Delivery

This project was built for the 24 hr hackathon, HackMIT and its purpose is to make For Sale groups and Garage Sales much more convenient. Our web app connects directly to Postmates where the buyer can have the product they bought automatically delivered to them for a small fee. This brings convenience and ease to the For Sale and Garage Sale marketplace!

Login User: bob
Password: 123


Uber for Parking

CMU Hack-a-Startup 2015. Web Application that helped users find a parking spot by either using private parking spaces that people rented out or by swapping street parking spots.


Innovative Teacher Parent Student Management

HMH Hackathon. Web Application and Mobile app created to help improve the communications between teachers, parents, and students. It includes a newsfeed for parents, webcam chat for parent teacher conferences, automatic notifications for students with grades, etc.


Non-Profit Data Viz

Ward Home is a charitable organization that provides a safe environment and tools for success for trouble teens. This is the project that I was consulted to do for Ward Home in order for the establishment to undertand their programs better. It helped show which programs that they are running are more popular and which ones actually benefit the teens more. Also it better quantified the improvement of the teens through multiple different KPI's. This product was built using an Access Databse and QlikSense.

Richard Huang




About Me

Hi, my name is Richard Huang! I am currently a Junior at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a B.S. in Information Systems and minors in both Computer Science and Business Administration. My passions lie in both technology and business as well as how they intersect and interact with each other. I have numerous experiences in many different sectors and industries including finance, healthcare, technology, and even non-profits. Most recently, I have been leading a new initiative at UPMC regarding Data Governance, which is actually one of the first in the hospital industry. I've also worked on many different projects that I am very interested in, including my most recent one where I analyzed Yelp's data for restaurants in Pittsburgh and used machine learning to suggest certain features for restaurants to have in order to achieve a higher ranking on Yelp. I'm also involved and hold leadership positions in many different organizations around campus including ENACTUS, where I teach technical and professional development courses to veterans, my fraternity Delta Tau Delta, and various other organizations.

Some of my other hobbies and passions also include: piano, clarinet, magic tricks, diabolo (Chinese yo-yo), and teaching!!



Carnegie Mellon University


Major: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Minor: Computer Science and Business Administration

Graduation: 2018 ( Junior )

GPA: 3.80

Relevant Coursework: 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science, 21-122 Integration and Approximation, 36-201 Statistics Reasoning and Practice, 67-250 Information Systems Milieux, 15-121 Introduction to Data Structures, 21-127 Concepts of Mathematics

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University of Oxford (Trinity)


Studied abroad at the University of Oxford for Fall 2016 (Michaelmas) term/semester.

Concentrations: Management, Computer Science, and Finance

Relevant Coursework: Product/Project Management, Financial Markets and Investment Modelling, Practical Machine Learning



Awards & Skills


ACSL 9th Place Internationally

American Computer Science League (ACSL) is an competitive international computer science competition that focuses on algorithms and problem solving.

Bitcamp 1st Place in Category - Allowance

Attended the Bitcamp (University of Maryland) hackathon an created Allowance, an application that allows parents to give their kids allowances by setting location and time restrictions on the money. With over 1.2k hackers, we won Best Use of Capital One's API and Best UI Design (Goldman Sachs).

GEC 5th Place Nationally

Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) is a national entrepreneurship competition where our team had 12 hours to create a business idea and detailed 5 year business plan outlining our market strategy.

USACO Silver League

United States of America Computing Olympiad (USACO) is a challenging computer algorithms competition.

IBM Master the Mainframe 1st Stage Winner

IBM Master the Mainframe is a multi-staged international competition where I had to complete various mainframe coding challenges.

Dean's High Honors List

I have achieved a cumulative QPA of 3.75 or higher which put me on Dean's List with High Honors.




Language Skills


The following are all the programming languages that I have used throughout my academic and professional career, as well as projects. They range from low level languages to high level languages and from imperative to functional.

90% Complete
75% Complete
80% Complete
80% Complete
90% Complete
90% Complete
85% Complete
90% Complete
75% Complete
70% Complete

Framework & Libraries Skills


The following are all the frameworks and libraries that I am familiar with ranging from web frameworks (both front-end and back-end) to testing frameworks.

Ruby on Rails
85% Complete
85% Complete
75% Complete
80% Complete
85% Complete
80% Complete
85% Complete
85% Complete
85% Complete
75% Complete

Tools & Databases


The following are the tools and databases that I am familiar with and have used in the past.

90% Complete
80% Complete
75% Complete
70% Complete
85% Complete
85% Complete
90% Complete
80% Complete
80% Complete
80% Complete








Relevant Professional Experience


The following are all the relevant professional experiences that I've gained throughout my life. Whether it is from internships, jobs, volunteer work, or consulting, I credit a lot of my skills and abilities through real world and industry experiences that I have gained.

Two Sigma Investments

Software Engineering Intern
May 2016 - Present
  • Performed both the role as a software engineer and a product manager where I was able to own, design, develop, and test my own product.
  • Worked on the Collaboration, Usability, and Engineering team building the Interview Scheduling Optimizer Tool to help the recruiting team automate and more optimally scheduling candidate interviews.
  • Built an end to end solution for recruiting by tackling workflow problems with automation, interview distribution, and feedback.
  • Used Java (Jersey and Guice) backend and AngularJS frontend and developed a modified version of the Hopcroft Karp Algorithm to optimize matches between interviewers and candidates based on their schedules.
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Data Governance Consultant
November 2015 - Present
  • Led the enterprise scale Data Governance initiative at UPMC, which is one of the first in the healthcare industry.
  • Designed a normalized and generalized structure (ERD) for modelling the data within UPMC and their services.
  • Developed full stack web application using Ruby on Rails to help govern and manage medical data.
  • Built data analytics and visualization dashboards using D3 to find pain points and do impact analysis.
  • Used MiniTest and Cucumber to create a complete testing suite with full coverage.
  • Utilized product management skills to understand client needs and required business logic.


Software Engineering Intern
May 2015 - August 2015
  • Developed the Provider Appointment Calendar feature for patient appointment booking system with CoffeeScript, Backbone, and Gulp.
  • Worked on the main product (ProviderMatch), a search engine that helped match patients with doctors, using Ruby on Rails and Node modules.
  • Used Selenium, Pytest, RSpec, Sinon/Jasmine to help create a complete testing suite with full coverage.
  • Learned Agile and Scrum software development life cycle models (stand ups, JIRA sprints/tickets, iterative development, etc.)
  • Utilized test driven development to develop updated version of ProviderMatch.
  • Understood client needs and performed detailed user testing as well as A/B testing on certain key features.
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Morgan Stanley

Data Analyst Intern
September 2013 - August 2014
  • Worked on maintaining and updating the Teradata and Greenplum databases and data warehouses.
  • Created dynamic data visualization web-tools using Javascript, Jquery, D3, PERL, HTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented multiple data validation and analytics web applications and cgi pages.
  • Utilized product management skills (mockups, user tests, user stories, etc.) to build all these products.
  • Learned different software development life cycle models, mainly waterfall.
  • Worked mainly with the Enterprise Infrastructure department as well as Wealth Management.
    • Communicated ideas clearly between the both business and technical sides.

Ward Home, Inc.

Lead Data Analyst
October 2014 - May 2015
  • Ward Home is a charitable organization that provides a safe environment and tools for success for trouble teens.
  • Created and designed an Access database (ERD and Database Management) that models the data.
  • Used QlikView to create a data analytics/visualization and organizational management dashboard for board members.
  • Developed UI/UX dashboard design that made the data much more easy to understand.
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Dont hesitate to contact me!

You can reach me at the number and email below! If you want to learn more about me, my LinkedIn profile is below. Or you can send me a quick message and reach out through the form on the right.

  • 5032 Forbes Avenue
  • SMC 3792
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15289
  • (201) 281-6121